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A Day of Cleansing

Today started with the howl of wind and a bright light it took me a minute to identify. It's a snow day and the brilliance of the snow is its own wild light. Snow has settled on my windows, both blocking out some of the light and generating its own light.

The wind is howling around the eaves and tickling the windows. This weather is nothing if not disruptive, asking for attention.

I decided to turn my attention to doing energetic and space clearing, to make the best of this energy of upheaval and renewal. So, what does that look like on a practical level? Like all effective ritual, it begins with being clear on what I want to cast out and what I want to call in and gathering energy.

When I'm doing space clearing, I start in the heart of the home. In my current space, that's the living room. I do most of my work there, most of my altars are there and it's where I do most of my spiritual work. Since it's my most important space, I start there.

I take a pot and add various herbs and spices to it, choosing what calls to me. Today, it was rosemary, garden sage, orange peel, and lavender buds, a blend for purification, mental clarity, mental uplift and peace. Once the herbs have been chosen, I add a few cups of water and let the pot simmer.

For me, a huge part of my spiritual practice is treading lightly on the earth out of respect for the blessings I've been given and my responsibility to be a good steward of this earth so the next generation can have all the blessings I've known. This means avoiding toxic or environmentally damaging cleaning products. My go-to products are easily made at home, and you can find them at the end of this post.

While the herbs are simmering, I take time to light candles, to bring in warmth, connection to the sacred and insight on any underlying causes of any dis-ease or stress. Following this, I move all the furniture away from the walls and start clearing out any dust and debris from the corners, speaking aloud what I'm removing from the space (for example: self-doubt, discord, low energy, sadness, irritability, etc.) and taking a vacuum or a broom to clean the space.

When space clearing, it's vital to leave a door or or window at least partially open so that whatever you want to leave your space has a clear path out. As I'm doing the work of physical cleaning, the spiritual and energetic elements of prayer, song, burnt herbs or incense are also unfolding. The herbs are strained and I use the water to clean the baseboards, door frames and windowsills and to sprinkle on the floor and carpet.

When the physical cleaning is complete, the focus shifts to the energetic as I touch up sigils, Reiki symbols and wards, and speak blessings into my home. The blessings are sealed with drumming and song and I make time to do a scan of my energy and offer myself Reiki.

To wrap things up, I like to run myself a ritual bath, tidy my altars, refresh my ancestor offerings and take some nourishing infusions with herbs like dandelion, nettle or ginger. Most baths begin with Epsom salts and whatever herbs seem appropriate, and a few drops of a condition oil. Today's bath included rue, hyssop, yarrow and wormwood.

What does your cleansing practice look like?

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

In a large jar (1 like to use a 1 Litre Mason jar, add the herbs or spices of your choice. Fill the jar with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Let it sit for at least 2 weeks. When cleaning, add a few tablespoons to a bucket of hot water.

Version 1

Peel of 1 lemon

Peel of 1 lime

Peel of 1 orange

Version 2

2 sprigs thyme

2 sprigs garden sage

3 peeled, diced cloves of garlic

Castile Soap Cleanser

Add the contents to one large Mason jar and shake. To use, add several tablespoons to a bucket of hot water.

1 cup unscented, liquid Castile soap

1 tablespoon Florida water

10 drops each: eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil, tea tree oil

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