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Building Your Protection and Cleansing Practice

The change of seasons isn't just a change of the weather in our outer world. It's a shift in our inner weather, our energy levels, our sense of focus and motivation and our connection to our intuitive and creative selves. Just as winter doesn't arrive in an instant, so too does it take time for us to welcome in spring, to align with it and feel it in our bones.

Especially with the shift from winter to spring, with our natural inclination to hibernate coupled with stay at home orders, it feels even more important to mark this increase in warmth, hope and liberation, with warmer temperatures inviting us to spend more time outside in the comfort of the natural world and the physically distanced company of our beloveds.

I like to mark this transition by cleansing myself, my energy body and my space, using ritual baths, floor washes, herbal incense blends, my drum and rattle and sacred fire. Some of my go to herbs for cleansing are: rosemary, culinary sage (not endangered desert or white sage), thyme, peppermint, lavender and basil.

In addition to this, I'll often work with salt, peppercorns, lemon and garlic. Why? These herbs and spices are associated with protection,mental clarity, purification, banishing illness and troublesome spirits. Lavender is associated with restful sleep and easing anxiety, while basil is associated with both prosperity and the easing of obstacles.

On a daily basis (both in the morning and evening), I make some time to cleanse myself with either a bundle of dried herbs or a ritual mist I've created with floral waters and essential oils. I liken this to brushing your teeth-- it's most beneficial if you do it every day. You wouldn't expect to brush your teeth once on Monday, then skip it for the rest of the week. In addition to cleansing, I like to visualize a layer of protection separating me from anything which doesn't serve me.

If a day has been particularly challenging or I'm in a period of difficult transition, such as caring for a sick loved one, I'll usually run myself a spiritual bath with sacred herbs and practice energetic cord cutting. Other practices such as covering my hair or wearing white or light-coloured clothing can also act as forms of protection.

When tending to my weekly housecleaning, I call on deities associated with the hearth, the welcoming place and heart of the home, and speak aloud what I'm banishing, such as conflict, sadness, stagnation,etc. I do this while I'm sweeping or mopping, as I'm wiping down the table and counters,etc. I open windows and doors so that what I'm banishing has a way out of my space. Then I verbalize what I'm calling in: peace, prosperity, easeful communication,etc.

On another note, a huge way that we can protect our energy is by avoiding unnecessary conflict* and staying focused on who we are, what our values are and what we're here to do in our life. I often find that simply by asking "Do I need to give this my attention? Does this advance my soul work?", I can reclaim a lot of time and energy.

Being easily sucked into conflict drains our energy body. When we have the option to choose not to participate in others attacks on us, we can feel less defensive because we're not defending ourselves-- we're protecting ourselves through non-engagement. For example, if someone wants us to remain present while they hurl insults at us and we choose to walk away, their action isn't accomplishing their goal. It's not always possible to walk away from harmful situations, but when it is, we reaffirm our boundaries and our worth and this strengthens our self-esteem and our energy body.

*Please note that I'm not speaking about how systems of oppression and injustice impact our lives. I'm thinking of things like responding to an Internet troll when there's nothing to be gained or engaging in passive aggressive behaviour instead of initiating an honest dialogue when it's safe to do so.

These are just some of the ways that you can protect your home and yourself. What's your favourite way of engaging magickal protection?

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