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From Seed to Flower: Growth and New Life

A few short days ago, my kindred and I celebrated the Heathen festival of Summerfinding. We made offerings to Freyr and Freya and reflected on how we want to grow as individuals and as a community. With each online ritual, we find a better rhythm, not quite the same as in-person gatherings, but still something focused and grounded and powerful.

In just a few days, Bealtaine will arrive and with it, a chance to bring in more good fortune and luck to our households. How can it be that May is nipping at our heels already? It seems as though it was just January. It's hard to believe it's so close when there is still a chill in the air at night, but the daffodils are blooming near the rose bushes, a sure sign of more warmth and sunshine to come.

At this point in the year, I find myself checking in on my progress toward my goals, my motivation to pursue those goals, and the balance I'm creating between work, rest, play and creativity. Perhaps most important, now is the time when I reconsider the support needed for me to achieve my goals.

The strength required to take care of the farmstead means my body needs more stretching and weight-bearing exercise. Building the foundation of a new project and expressing a new voice means time spent photographing products, designing labels and managing inventory. This is the building of a baseline. The next step, the one I am turning my energy toward, is what will happen when these pursuits are successful, what kind of routines and resources they will need if they grow.

So often, when we start a new project or relationship, we focus on listening to see if it's a good fit, if we can bring the skills and energy needed to make a go of it. And if we're lucky, our skills and effort are matched and we can continue to grow and shift. We don't always consider that growth demands more of us. More time and energy, sometimes more money, more rest or more focus.

When our business grows, we'll probably need more rest, but we may also need another set of hands or more supplies. This can mean that we temporarily have less time for other parts of our life which are important to us or that we need to use our time differently. It's not always possible, but when it is, we can do ourselves a great kindness by tracking what we'll need for the next stage of our growth.

As you shift from seed to bloom, sharing more of your unique gifts with the world, what supports do you need to maintain your growth? What has to fall away? What new resources do you need? Which beliefs and ideas need to be transformed or cast off?

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