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Hearth and Home: Rituals for Putting Down Roots

Moving into a new space is one thing. Making a home is another thing entirely. As a hearth witch, this is an undertaking which is both mystical and mundane. In the last 5 years, I've moved 8 times, and being an introvert and a homebody, establishing home as a sanctuary, a place of protection, and as a place of hospitality and comfort is incredibly important to me.

So, what are some of the ways that we can bless and protect our living space? There are many, and I'll share some of my favourites here.

The first things to come into my new home are bread, salt, wine and plants. Bread so there’s always enough to eat, wine (apple or grape juice can be substituted) to invite in celebration and joy, salt as a token of prosperity and protection and plants so that I may grow and put down roots with ease.

I also like to bring some sugar or honey to ensure that my life in this place is sweetened with joy and laughter. Some of my favourite plant allies are rosemary, peppermint, garden sage, thyme, and lavender.

Using a herbal infusion of protective herbs, I wash the entrances and exits to my space and light some loose herbal incense and walk throughout the entire space with it. It's also my custom to hang amulets and talismans throughout my space and use mirrors to reflect unwanted energy. Items such as artwork depicting knotwork or plants with thorns or burrs can also be used to establish boundaries.

As an energy worker, I also use energetic wards and bindrunes in my home to attract or repel particular energies. A key part of maintaining home as sanctuary is a wee bit of regular maintenance, so cleansing the entrances and exits and my own body are part of my practice. And of course, making sure not to leave stale offerings on my altars and to tidy regularly so that my home is a space where my gods and spirits want to be and feel welcome is vital.

To cap it all off, having a housewarming is an important part of my ritual for moving into a new home. I like to think that being surrounded by beloveds sharing a feast, laughter and good stories will help to continue to bring that energy into the space. A home without laughter and connection is no home at all.

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