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Here Be Dragons: Charting New Territory

Navigating major life transition and initiation can bring with it a multitude of emotions: joy, fear, wonder, grief, self-doubt. Living a life that is dynamic, purposeful and joyful life means meeting rites of passage, opening to the new possibilities before us. Even the change which we've longed for, dreamed for, cast spells and prayed for, can be disorienting and ungrounding, unfamiliar territory.

Below, I offer you some practices I use when facing the unfamiliar. Take what works and leave the rest.

Journal/Meditation Prompts

1) What about me is not changing? I tend to look at this through the lens of character traits or values. For example, "Even in the face of this change, I am still courageous. I am still creative. I am still generous".

2) In this change, what am I relieved to let go of? What have I been longing to let go of?

3) What has helped me navigate transformation from a place of empowerment in times past?

4) What power am I afraid this initiation will unlock?

5) What parts of myself are being invited to show up?

6) Within the spiral of my life (career/volunteer work, family, romantic relationships, spiritual community), who and what is supporting me?

7) What do I need to grieve to meet this moment with deep awareness (both on a heart level and on a mental/wisdom level)?

8) What do I need to trust that I will be supported and guided through this moment?

9) What is this moment revealing to me about what I believe about myself? about the world? about what I deserve and what I am capable of?

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