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Moving Into March: Rune Forecast

What Was: Nauthiz (Need) Unfulfilled desire, deprivation. Guilt and reflecting on past actions may be holding you back.

What Is: Uruz (Auroch) Strength, determination, the will to survive. Primal creative energy. Be mindful of misplaced aggression.

What Will Be: Eihwaz (Yew) Strong will. Release yourself from fear and gather your courage. Make use of allies and favourable circumstances.

This rune casting suggests that we'll need to lean on our strength and determination to break cycles of depriving our selves or not asking others for what we need. Reflecting on the ways that we've let ourselves down or been let down by others may bring frustration or anger to the surface. We can use our courage to use that energy to our benefit, by taking action to fix past harm and choose a course of action that strengthens our alliances.

Herbal Allies

*Please note: I'm a folk herbalist, not a trained clinical herbalist or a certified healthcare provider of any kind. I strongly recommend that you talk to your healthcare provider before working with any of these herbs, as some herbs can be unsafe to take depending upon pre-existing conditions or meds you might be taking.

Nauthiz: To release feelings of unfulfillment

Stinging Nettle-- Sometimes, when we feel unfulfilled, we can gravitate to that which will exacerbate our stress, such as processed sugar or caffeine. Prepared as a pesto or drunk as a nourishing infusion, this plant friend is said to help strengthen our bones and support our heart health, as it's rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and Vitamin A and C.

Auroch: To move anger through the body

Dandelion-- this plant friend supports the liver, the organ where we store unprocessed anger. The bitterness of dandelion helps aid our digestion and on an energetic level, it can help break up frustration we've been holding onto. A decoction of dandelion root can also help with skin inflammation such as pimples or eczema, signs that something or someone is pushing at our boundaries, literally getting under our skin.

Eihwaz: For strength and courage

Thyme-- Long used to purify temples and sick rooms, thyme is a powerful anti-spasmodic, believed to calm arteries and veins, easing cardiac stress. It's also said to tone heart muscles and energize the circulatory system. Thyme can also aid in boosting motivation and feelings of well-being. It was often burned after loss or sickness, and Roman soldiers wore it into battle.


1) What happens when I become aware of my unmet needs? Do I ask for support?

2) Do I believe I am worthy of having my needs met and my desires fulfilled?

3) Where do unmet needs live in my body?

4) At this time, do I feel like I am surviving? thriving?

5) Are there thought and behaviour patterns which I keep returning to? Do they feel useful?

6) What practices help me unravel and understand my anger and frustration?

7) What gives me the strength to move forward?

8) How can I show compassion to my fear?

9) How easy is it for me to recognize the opportunities and blessings before me?

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