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Season of the Witch: A Journey into the Heart of Witchcraft

If you've seen and felt glimpses of magick and intuition, but wondered if they were real...

If you've contacted or been contacted by your ancestors and gods or spirits, but aren't sure how to build a relationship with them...

Maybe you've been a seeker of magick and meaning, but felt put off by gatekeeping, spiritual materialism and cultural appropriation.

Magick is real. It is accessible. You can shape your own rich, meaningful path with genuine power and connection, and you can do it with integrity, by honouring what feels right and aligned for you.

There are many pathways to a life of ritual and belonging, and along the way, you will encounter joy, pleasure, strength, courage, clarity, and your personal power.

Now is the time.

Now is the hour.

Ours is the magick.

Ours is the power.

The circle is open. The magick of old gods and the holy, wild earth is calling. Will you answer?

Season of the Witch is a 6 month exploration of magick, running from October 2021 to April 2022. This is an opportunity to craft your own practice on a solid foundation. Part of that solid foundation is conversations about decolonization, cultural appropriation, the commercialization of spiritual practice and how we build right relationship with the land and its caretakers, and how we return to being caretakers of the earth.

Of course, we’ll also cover ancestor and earth reverence, intuition, working with deities and spirits and how to craft our own rituals, charms and altars. You'll learn the history of European witchcraft, how to craft your own rituals,charms and altars. You'll also learn how to create your own code of ethics, how to work with your ancestors, deities, and spirits and how to begin a practice of divination

This work is being offered through the lens of my lived experience and all that encompasses. Being queer and high femme, being Black and a trauma survivor, and so much more. I am offering what I wish I had received at the start of my magickal practice.

This course will be offered online and there’s room for 10 participants. Featuring 2 90 minute lessons each month, it’s $100/month ($113 with HST). 3 sliding scale ($50-75) spots are available. To apply for one of these spots, please complete the registration form and email jess@soulfiresessions.cawith the subject line " Season of the Witch: Sliding Scale".

Please know that your application will be held in confidence and I don't expect you to prove your worth or share deeply personal life circumstances. All I ask is that you let me know why you'd like to take the course, what you hope to learn and what amount on the scale would be workable for you. We all deserve dignity and privacy.

If you have questions, feel free to email jess@soulfiresessions.ca

Stay tuned for more information.

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