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Tarot Forecast (April 11-15)

For this week’s forecast, I chose the Cross of Thor spread and used the Raven's Prophecy Tarot deck.

Situation: Queen of Swords

The queen represents our mental powers and our ability to problem solve and execute plans. She is very no-nonsense, in the manner of someone who knows herself and her worth. It’s possible for you to be seated in your personal power and authority without disempowering other people.

Opportunity: 4 of Cups

Discontent, disappointment or disconnection. Notice what you need to grieve and leave behind. Try to understand the root cause of your unhappiness and any feelings of instability. What is needed for you to feel stable and how can you listen to and trust your emotions?

Challenge: Knight of Cups

Coming to the end of the grail quest. Letting yourself open to the range of emotions without getting overwhelmed. It’s time to reconnect with the physical world outside of your dreamspace, so that you can take purposeful action toward realizing your goals.

Short-term Outcome: Ace of Wands

New beginnings. The spark of something new being kindled. A card of blessings, support and ease, a break from difficulties. Time to start even if you don’t know how/where it will end.

Long-term Outcome: Page of Wands

Lean into the fire in your belly, that creative passion and inspiration. See where it carries you and what ideas are calling to you. Use this energy to begin an important or meaningful project.

Our current situation presents us with a challenge. The Queen of Swords is known for her unflinching honesty. While the truth of a situation is necessary, we need to wield truth with wisdom and compassion, otherwise we risk damaging our relationships and our reputation. It can be easy to speak truthfully without thinking if we're disconnected from our emotions. If we want to transform or heal our relationships, we are being presented with the opportunity and the energy to do just that.

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