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about jess

Hi, I'm Jess, the creator of Soulfire Sessions. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by myths and stories and used them to make meaning out of my human experience. 


    Tarot, witchcraft and ritual  are the threads I’ve woven together to help reclaim my personal power, and they’re now the tools that I use to help my clients glean meaning from their stories, both those they created and those they inherited. 


     When we are connected to our power, in right relationship with our ancestors and the land, powerful transformation takes place.

 I believe in the ability of magick, myth and meaning making to heal and empower us, to help us gain insight and to relate more deeply with others. 

 My work comes through the lens of my lived experience as a Black queer femme who has lived through mental illness and sorted through the complexity and the riches of what that means.  My people hail from Ireland, Scotland, France, Jamaica and St. Kitts and Nevis.


It's my privilege to be of service as a diviner, an energy worker, and an intuitive* and medium. Folk magick, folk herbalism and ancestor reverence are also woven through my offerings, in support of  personal and collective liberation.


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Who I Work With

Let's connect if...

*You've started tapping into your intuition, but need some tips and tricks from someone further along the path.

*You're looking to connect with gods, spirits and your healthy, happy ancestors. Maybe they've already come knocking and you want to find a way to talk (and listen!) to them.

*You're curious about the healing and magickal properties of plants.

*You're longing to bring more magick and wonder into your everyday life. It's already there, I promise-- together we'll uncover it. 

how I can help

*Connecting you with tips, tools and techniques for:

Meeting and building relationships with:

  • Your well ancestors (the ones who are happy, healthy and able to offer wisdom to guide you)

  • Plants (for their medicinal and magickal abilities)

  • Your intuitive senses 

  • Deities (gods, goddesses), land and house spirits

*Using my abilities as a diviner (Tarot and runes) to offer clarity on your life, from love and career to your spiritual path and healing.

* Using my abilities as a medium to seek the wisdom of your well ancestors (and mine) for messages on how to step into your blessings and navigate your challenges.

*Offering handmade, small batch bodycare and ritual products (many of them are vegan, and made with local and organic ingredients!), created with care for the healing and magickal properties of  our plant kin.

Whether you're looking to soothe dry skin or tend a grieving heart, there is something for you here.


SOULFIRE SESSIONS is proud to offer shipping across Canada. Our workshops, classes, Tarot readings and Reiki treatments are available online, wherever you are in the world.





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