My Approach

Self-care is so much more than bubble baths and beach vacations. While those things may help us relieve stress temporarily, they don't heal the underlying wounds.

I believe that each of us has the ability to heal and transform ourselves. For that to take place, we need to be in our bodies and learn how to connect with them as trusted and loving friends, as homes for our spirit.

In my experience, the senses are the best way home. That's why I've created essential oil blends, ritual baths, medicinal teas and tinctures-- to help you meet your body again, and to know it as resilient, loving and deserving of compassionate care.



For Your Soul

Tarot readings
Personalized rituals
1 on 1 sessions to support your empowerment
Reiki (Energy healing)

For Your Space

Holistic Home Organizing
Home Blessings
Space Clearing

For Your Skin

Essential oil blends for your body and your space
Medicinal teas and tinctures

Ritual baths and bath salts

Skin balms and salves

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