2021 3 Month Forecast

Looking to the future, we can see the upcoming lessons, obstacles and supports for the months of January, February and March.


Lesson: Uruz-- The wild, instinctual self. A quest for change and liberation. A time to accept personal power and take action using creativity.

Obstacle: Mannaz-- Collective evolution achieved through working together toward a larger, meaningful goal. Co-creating with nature and working with the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons.

Support: Isa-- Self-preservation and self-containment. A reminder to pause and focus on being present and putting forth a focused effort every day. Can indicate stagnation or resistance to change.


Lesson: Laguz--Vulnerability, receptivity and flexibility. Go with the flow and trust. Empathy and intuition are essential. Pay attention to your emotions and messages which arise from your subconscious.

Obstacle: Ehwaz-- Our relationship with our will/self. A rune of love and union. Cooperation and trust are needed to get where you need to go.

Support: Raido-- Taking control of a situation. Directing your energy toward knowing your own limits and following your own path. Trust yourself and tend to your own affairs. Can reflect a journey or stepping into a leadership role.


Lesson: Gebo --A gift demands a gift. Exchanges of time, energy and resources. Inheritance and ancestral blessings. Sacrifice for the sake of committed partnership. Unexpected gain attained through cooperation.

Obstacle: Sowelo-- Victory at all costs. Can symbolize retribution or swaying a situation to your favour. Focus on becoming your highest self and coming back to who you truly are.

Support: Nauthiz-- The way you are living may not be lining up with your own standards or meeting your needs. Release self-imposed guilt and restrictions on your creativity. Notice where ancestral guilt and karma are impacting your life.

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