• Jess

Gold, Shadow and the Living Altar

This week, I'm throwing it back to some of the wisdom I've rediscovered about facing the misunderstood and intense parts of life. Stay tuned for a bonus blog post this Friday on the uses of anger.

Lately, I've been learning about and working with "dark" Goddesses. They tend to be misunderstood as evil, when they often bring us the gifts of honesty, courage, freedom and integrity. There is so much to be said about the healing power of love and patience and letting things unfold in their own time and at our comfort level.

Dark Goddesses say "Time's up. You have been playing small. You're not comfortable, you're stagnant. Move forward. Cry if you need to, but stop looking back. Your freedom is not behind you, it's ahead of you. Pursue it. There's no old way to go back to".