• Jess

Love Letter to Femme Elders

The woman I am today owes a debt to many people. I am going to pay it now. Rest assured, nothing I could say or do would be enough, but when you owe more than you can pay, you pay what you can.

Strong, so strong now, my foundation. You are my roots. Leah Lakshmi. Anna Camilleri. Joan Nestle. Amber Hollibaugh. Without you, I would not know my own name: femme.

Your dreams and your words and your survival nourished me. See, Leah, I read “gonna get my girl body back” and it hit so hard. Cuz I saw a name for me. I saw the way you took your body back. Your body and your life. You saved me. At a time when I was lost to myself, you saved me.